How to fix it so the times based points increase by 1 every 60 seconds

I know how to make it so every 60 seconds the score increases by 1 but it it either works for one person or everyone but I want to make it work for only one team. Here is what I have


You don’t need the score of the team. You need to make the scope be team by using a relay or making the trigger only work for on team.



This is a trigger.

I know. Make a relay trigger it, or make the trigger settings only work for one team. Look through the settings.

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This is what it looks like

Oh I think that fixed it lemme check.

So the score goes to 3 to 5 to 3 to 4 to 3 to 5 x2 then it stops all together

what should I fix?

This is what I have now

@The_7th_Dragon could you help or do you know anyone who could help?

Um…. I’m not that good with this stuff… what @getrithekd said should work in concept with the relay and then the system…

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Make a trigger with an activation scope of team. It should be inactive on game start. Activate it for the team you want.


So I have it so only team 2 gets the points but the active scope is player becuase whenever a player gets tagged their points don’t continue But it waits 4 seconds then goes to 4 then each second it counts down by 1 each second then goes to 3 when it reaches 1

What? Is there one player on each team?

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No there is 1 on the tager team and 1+ on the tagees team

So make the activation scope for player and use a relay to deactivate it only for the person on team 1.

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What do you mean, team 1 is the tager (I have already made it so only one team gets the points) As of right now the only problem is is stays at zero for 4 second then instantly goes to 4 then counts down to zero and ones it hits zero it goes to 4 and counts down again and just keeps repeating it

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Use a counter then. When you end the game, divide the seconds by 60.

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Ok I will try that