How to end the game when I create something

how do end the game when I am done creating??

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Welcome to the community even though I am kinda new

I think go to the prop’s channel and when prop shown activate on channel ‘end game’ and get an end game device which ends the game on ‘end game’

when I t says name a channel that it receives what do I do?

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if you want to do an endgame trigger place it down near the area of where the game ends and you can hook a button to it or a zone trigger using wires, or you can put a name like “game ends” for channels put the button or zone down and when ever they are activeated send a “game ends” on the channel and for your endgame device tell it to end the game when it recives “game ends”

i might also be entirly wrong so you can wait till someone more technical comes along

ok thank you I think I got it but if you have any more advice pls let me know!!!

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what does that mean???

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ok thanks crimson_knight

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