How to do this in creative

is gimkit going to add those upgrade things in tag:domination and capture the flag?

Yes they have added those they are the vending machines and devices that make what you are talking about

well they added the devices but the prop,
Capture The Flag | Gimkit Wiki | Fandom

did they add this im lazy

what prop? in the vending machine, under “item image”, just type in “icons/Speed” or “icons/Add Energy”.

how do I make the ammo in the snowball launcher at the start of the game a certain amount

You can use a starting inventory device. Select Snowballs, and choose how many snowballs you want to start with.

no what I mean is that i made a device so when you click it it gives you snowballs but when the game starts you start with a snowball launcher and it says it has infinite ammo already in it, so how do I fix that?

Map Options > Items > Infinite Refills = No

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thanks so much!!!