How to do repeated block code Speed

Hey @MOON here. So let’s get started.

Do you wish you could do long Block code faster. Then you’re at the right place here I will teach you how to do repeated block code much faster.
So this is a picture of a long block code by @ClicClac
So when I was first doing it, it took me a really long time because I was doing it like how i’m going to explain.

So I started by doing all the else if and then I did all the numbers one at a time example I did Get Property SpaceNumber = 1 then Broadcast message on Channel SpaceOneLanded
What I did was way to slow and I did it for all of them so this Is my improved way of doing it 3 2 1 So I start by doing get property SpaceNumber = 1 then I copy and paste it 12 times then I do all the else if and then I connect them together and after that I change the number to the one that its suppose to be. I copy and paste all of the broadcast message on Channel and after that I put what needed to be there
So that it very easy this could be used with so much more block codes but I used this example because this is where I learned how to this.

Umm me so dum, so no understandy but great guide

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You want me to explain

No it’s fine, I am just lazy so when I need it I will then actually understand it but Thank You!

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Use concatenation:


Yeah this guide is more simple and a little different