How to Detect Question Hacks ~1% memory

Some of my friends have found a website that lets you “hack” certain Gimkit game modes. The main one that is used is “Auto Answer”, which makes you answer questions correctly without having to open a questioner. This is how to detect that.


The questioner that you want to use
1 lifecycle
1 relay
1 repeater
1 wire repeater
2 counters
1 teleporter (optional)

How to Build

Start by making the repeating counter. Wire the lifecycle to the repeater.

Then change the settings of the repeater. Set the task interval to 1, and the stop strategy to “After receiving on a channel.”
Repeater settings
Then set the first counter’s starting value to 3, and its target value to 0.
First counter settings
First counter target
Wire the repeater to the counter like this:

Then wire the counter to the wire repeater like this:

Then wire the wire repeater back to the first counter, and make it reset the counter.

Set the second counter’s starting value to 0, its target value to 3, and it’s count scope to player.
Second counter starting value
Second counter target
Second counter scope
Then wire the questioner to the second counter, and make the counter increase.

Set the relay audience to “All Players,” and wire the wire repeater to it.
Relay Audience

Wire the relay to the second counter setting the wire to “Relay trigger → Reset counter.”

If you want you can make a punishment room, this is where you’d use the teleporter. Just construct the room, and wire the second counter to the teleporter “Target value reached → teleport player here.”
Punishment room

I hope you won’t have to actually use this, but it’s here just in case!


Doesn’t this already exist? Excuse me if I’m wrong.

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It did, but there was an incident a month or so ago that caused my account to get deleted, so I had to remake it.

I think it got deleted though from the incident.
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Nice Guide (repost) though!


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It got deleted with my account, but since I got my account back, I made it again.

Why was it deleted? The only way it could have been deleted could have been by mods or within around a couple days of your account being created.

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So sad! I love this guide, it will help with my new school project… People have been trying to get a way to get gimbucks…

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nice guide!

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Okay. Well I just barely got up and saw like 18 new guides…so I was like why not tell them how impressive they are…sorry!


Can’t you just use a trigger instead of a repeater? That would save a good 160 (or more idk) memory. Also getting rid of wires could save some memory.


You could, but it’s easier to understand this way for the people that don’t know a lot of gimkit mechanics.