How to detect if a person is pushing a button

Is there a way to detect if a player is holding down enter, before they press the button?
For a 5 second delay button.

You can use a wire repeater

no like while they are pressing enter, but before they actually press it. For a prison break map where it takes 5 seconds to press button, but it alerts guards when the start pressing the button

Maybe have 2 buttons.

A zone which alerts the guards then the button. The zone will activate a trigger and if that trigger is still activated when the guards come they will get KO’d

how would I make it so they only see the UI for the 5 second delay button
Can they even press 2 buttons at the same time?

what if they go up to the button, but they don’t press it?

Then they get KO’d by the guards

Like a button that activates the other button.

maybe, but then you have to press 2 buttons

Yeah just have the first one be instant. The first one could be for breaking glass over the button and the second one could be doing stuff.

and what if they just press the first button, and then don’t press the second one?

Use a trigger with a delay of 6.5 seconds to activate the first button and deactivate the second button.

i don’t think that will fix it

I believe just using a very small Zone to alert the guards would be the best idea. If someone wasn’t going to press the button why would they walk up to it?

I don’t know, because they can? You know how people get

Maybe just put that info it on a sign to let them know that will happen when they walk up to it


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