How to delete all devices

I’m just now starting my among us in gimkit map and I need help from discord, so I called some people to help me and they put a lot of flags like ALOT which made my memory bar go up and they put the flags really far away, and I want to delete all the devices, not all the terrain and props so my memory, goes down. Any help?

click and drag ur mouse cursor and it should delete a big selection of devices

just highlight the entire map (by clicking and dragging) then click backspace

I didn’t see you post that first

its fine

can you show me an example because it kinda doesnt make sense

click drag then a blue outline should appear in the outline should be the devices u want to delete

no, i want to delete every device in the game not a specific set they hid the devices really far.

that is not really possible unless u delete the map itself mass selection of devices with the blue outline is really the only way to mass delete devices so far

You can’t…

can you copy a map, can you?


sadly no

You can’t do this, all you can do is try to zoom out your browser to get the most view and select what you see on screen and delete them.

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You’ll probably have to find all of them.

Like what Haiasi said, you could also try Gimhook.


whilst it might be agonizing to do. you have to unless u want to delete the entire map.

maybe you shouldn’t have given them adding permissions

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ill try gimhook, never hear dif it but ill try it

don’t mark a solution unless the problem is solved

well its gimpossible to solve the problem and it cant just be sitting there