How to Deactivate an Inventory Item Manager 🟩

The inventory item manager is a very useful device, but there isn’t an option to directly disable it. However, it is possible to override an older item manager by turning on a new one that doesn’t have the old one’s settings.

First, you have to make sure that in the new manager, “Use by Default” is set to “No.” Then, have something that will trigger that newer manager, like a button. Adjust your newer one’s settings to your content and you’re all set. Note that for some reason, you can’t override a manager with an item limit using a manager without one. After you turn on the new one the old item limit would still be there even if you set “Set Maximum Amount” to “No” on the new one. Fortunately, this isn’t a huge problem as the largest number you can put as the limit is 100000000000000.


you can just deactivate it with wires…

There isn’t an option to deactivate it though. The only wire settings it has are “Activate manager” and “Clear item from inventory”

really? it shows “deactivate manager” as an option for me…

Which manager are you using?

inventory item manager…

Can you show a screenshot? What I see is only activate and clear


Are you using any mods? P.S-You have a name leak.

there are mods for gimkit creative?

yeah ik i dont rly care
(about the name leak)

I don’t think so. But Blackhole messes with the code sometimes.

Can I use your picture, I think I’ll post this on bugs.

ok sure

nice but for me i can deactivate them with wires, id probably rate this a :ocean:

Nooooooooooo all those years of hard work wasted

It’s really weird that some people can deactivate it with wires while others cannot.

Bump. Also a strange mystery that was never solved…

I think I solved it.

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