How to create poison. 🧪

What you’ll need:

  • 1 trigger at least (button, transmission, etc.)
  • 1 Repeater
  • 1 Damager device

  • First you’ll need something to trigger the poison, such as an invisible button next to a bottle to it seem like the poison is coming from the bottle or make the button visible for poison gas to be released from vents so that your players have to escape the poison filled room. Either way you need something to send out a transmission
  • get a repeater that activates from the previously mentioned transmission.

Cure style poison: This one requires a second trigger so keep that in mind. make the repeater deactivate via another transmission so that the effect lasts until your players find a cure. (such as an invisible button)

Effect style poison: make the repeater deactivate at a certain time, so that the player takes damage over time.

  • Finally connect the repeater to the damager to finish the poison effect!

Extra: If you want, there’s nothing stopping you from saying that this is fire, or ice! be creative!

Note: Feel free use this as a guide and not as a step by step tutorial


Nice guide, @Rusty ! Maybe some pictures could help when it comes to the connecting devices.

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Sure! I’ll make sure to add that when I have the time!

You could make zones and a damage device and also have a repeater device to keep on damaging them

ew. why must you use a repeater?

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i made this ): Toxic waste spill/Gas that does poison / fire damage - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

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I like this! I plan on expanding one of my games soon, and this could help!

I agree that a repeater is kinda bad and a trigger is more useful in some ways, but you could have done it without the “ew.”



Because if you use a single brain cell, you would know that setting up a system to turn off at a certain point is much easier to do with a repeater. ;-;

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Not exactly, trigger clocks work just as well, since you can broadcast on channels to activate or deactivate them, or just use a simple gate to block signals from transmitting when you wish.

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because if you use a single brain cell, you would know that people don’t like wasting memory on repeaters and that trigger loop is so much better.

Thank you for giving an explanation on how Triggers can be more cost productive.

However I made this guide to appeal to people that are less knowledgeable in gimkit creatives mechanics

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If you use a single brain cell (or better yet, use your eyes), you would know that this is a mini-guide and is made to be SIMPLE. Trigger loops, although simple for people like you and me it is not so simple for people that are not as acquainted with Gimkit creative. So I opted to using the device specifically made to repeat tasks.


them help them.
If I said that IDK how to use blocks, then you wouldn’t just never use blocks?

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You’re fine @Rusty this is a perfectly good mini-guide. I could see this used in a lot of games, like a way to damage your opponents. This could be optimized a bit, but this is perfect for new users! Keep up the good work!

I would recommend not replying to WhereIsMyCrown btw you’ll make things worse, trust me I know.


Mmm yum poison!

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Step by step tutorial on looking:

step 1: face your body to what you want to look at

step 2: make sure your eyes are moist

step 3: move your eyes to what you want to look at

If done correctly you should be looking at something! Well done!

I would now advise that you use this new acquired knowledge to look at the title of the guide. It is a guide on, you guessed it creating poison (in Gimkit Creative). Not a guide on trigger loops, since those have already been made.


That’s very nice :+1:

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yeah, good idea

Great guide! Simple, easy to understand, and is super useful for attacks and areas that induce a burning/freezing/poison effect.