How To Create Medallions In Gimkit (Difficulty 🟩/Easy)

Hi guys, I’ve made a working medallion (From Fortnite) in GKC.

This is what the system looks like, you will need:
4 Repeaters
1 LifeCycle
1 Property
1 Checker
1 Health Granter
1 Inventory Item Manager
1 Trigger
(This will use about 2-3 Percentage of memory)

And before I get started, yes ik triggers are a better substitute for Repeaters but im using the repeaters because the interface is easier for the main task (Repeating).

So first, put down your property, These are the settings:

(Make the name what ever you want, but be sure to make other devices use the same name when necessary.)
Second, we want the Inventory Item Manager. This will manage the Medallion (Gold Seed For Midas(Use any item you want but I recommend a seed)).

Now for the Health Granter, I set it at 2 Shield, no channel.
Now lets setup repeater number 1, right next to the Health Granter. This will repeat giving shield until you are full.

Set the task interval to whatever you want, But i recommend 1 so you get 2 shield every second.
Place down the Trigger and dont change any settings, except for visible in game to no.

Now time for the checker, this checks if the player has the medallion or doesnt.

These next few repeaters are very important as they control the checker.

This repeater runs checking if the player does not have the medallion.

MAKE SURE TO PUT 1 SECOND FOR TASK INTERVAL, if you dont this will make the medallion give you more or less shield per second.

This repeater make the checker check every half a second, but we need this to start instantly so get a lifecycle device and wire it up to this lifecycle [Event Occurs → Start Repeater].
Now for the repeater that grants shields (GRANTREPEATMIDAS), Wire that to the first repeater (Midas’s Medallion Picked Up), and make it [Repeater Runs Task → Start Repeater]
Now for the repeater FAILMIDASSHIELDS, wire that too the first repeater (Midas’s Medallion Picked Up), and do [Repeater Runs Task → Stop Repeater]
Wire the property to the trigger, [Property Value Changed → Trigger]
Wire the trigger to the first repeater (Midas’s Medallion Picked Up), [Triggered → Start Repeater]
Now wire the first repeater (Midas’s Medallion Picked Up), [Repeater runs task → Grant Player Health].

You’re Done! If you aren’t too good in GKC I recommend just using all the names and copying absolutely everything in the pictures, but if you’re pretty experience please feel free to make changes. Also credit to @XxAaronDaBeastxX For the original design, the only problem was that when it was dropped it kept giving shield.

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(Also going to make a waypoint to the medallion when dropped soon :wink:)

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Yo this is dopee ima try to make this part of my map!

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for the 3rd time: Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)
i recommend using dropdowns. good job adding lots of pics though!

but honestly you got this from a help topic so…

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What about it is crazy?

well in the guide above I mentioned that it kind of is but the thing is @XxAaronDaBeastxX Guide is good but when you drop the seed it keeps giving you shield so this is a fixed version of it

Nice guide! Besides the use of repeaters… (Don’t worry I use them too sometimes cause I’m too lazy…)

Also can’t you just only use the property, the checker, and the inventory item manager? Cause that’s all you need to check for the medallion? Then the buff it gives, probably health or damage buffs. (This is what I did)

But other than that, nice guide.

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Good guide!
Maybe add dropdowns though for each step as its confusing when its in one big paragraph.

Edit: Nevermind then XD

You could, which is what @XxAaronDaBeastxX did, but what happens when you drop the medallion it still gives you shields, so this method is when you drop it it stops and when you pick it up it keeps going

that’s not what he meant. he meant use a checker to check if a property is equal to x. if it is then grant health.

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Cool mechanic! this is pretty nice.
BUT, there is one thing:
The inventory item manager was unnecessary
the checker can check properties AND items

but overall you did a pretty good job! I see that you were very detailed in explaining the images that you added. And you gave your own suggestions to the players making the build! Next time try to save memory and make you build as simple as possible, keep up the good work.

ummm, that would mean making a duplicate guide which is not allowed on the forums, I would suggest you take that out

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Quick update on this form for yall, there seems to be an error testing with 2 players that the other account is getting healed. May be a glitch from being in creative but yeah :man_shrugging:

Edit: published changes and nvm i tried it its just creative being glitch.

Edit 2: Now they keep getting shields after dropping it (joining player) :sob: