How to create green red light game?

How would I create a red light green light style game where if the question is a red flag (Bad) you don’t move but if it’s a green flag (Good) you move? I need help from scratch

Accidently marked solution

Repeaters combined with this


try this maybe

  1. How do you reinforce that they don’t move? I can help but they will have the power to move.
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Wait what do you mean? for 1

What do you mean what do I mean? 1 or 2?

For the number one.

For 1, I meant that I don’t know how to freeze someone, I guess you could have a host that has tagging privileges and will tag you if you follow up.

I could drop all energy

Okay but then it’s going to probably be a tie because they won’t get tricked. It’s like playing IRL but everytime, you immediately stop.

0.0 Speed Modifier

If they immediately are forced to stop how would they get tricked?

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exactly why they shouldnt.