How to create Global questions

How do I make it where anyone can answer questions wherever they want, just like in tag?

Overlay wired to a questioner. Questioner wired to a item granter.

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It’s literally in the Gimkit Documentation.

  1. Place down a Questioner device.

  2. Place down a Game Overlay device.


The Game Overlay device allows you to display UI (user interface) above what’s happening in-game. It’s helpful for displaying info a player might need at all times, or in this case, allowing them to take action from anywhere!

  1. Click the Game Overlay device to begin editing it.

  2. Set the Overlay Type to Button

  1. Set where you want the button to be placed. In modes made by Gimkit, we use the bottom left corner; you might want to put your button there too!

  1. Set the text of the button! In modes made by Gimkit, we use Answer Questions, but you can set it to anything you’d like!

  1. Connect a wire starting from the Game Overlay device and ending at the Questioner device.

  2. Set it so that when the button is pressed, the question-answering screen is opened.

And that’s it! Now you can travel wherever on your map and answer questions from anywhere!

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No one looks there, just like no one looks at CMGs.


Is CMG Community Made Guides ?


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