How To Create A Working Slot Machine! [Difficulty 🟩 or 3/10]

Yes, one gamble we DON’T want to take is this post getting flagged.

Nice guide! However, a real gambling machine would not have 50% as the odds. No, 30% at the maximum, and the lower the better.

Nice job!

I agree with Clic though, the odds that the player wins money are 5 in 11, the odds that they lose money are 5 in 11, and the odds that they break even are 1 in 11. What kinda casino is this, giving you good odds? : P

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Bumping this in case anyone needs it

disclaimer: don’t add this to your map if you’re going to publish it. it’s okay if it’s showcasing, but publishing is for the public and will get taken down for gambling because think of the CHILDREN

I dont get the how to do the rewiring part
Also how did you make it look like thst

Ok but also, is fishtopia not gambling?

For the rewiring:

For the look: I used a gate console, space trash, and a text device to make it.

no it’s not, slot machines are gambling and fishtopia is a randomizer

gambling does not equal randomizer

Okay, but make sure this doesn’t get published. Gambling is against publishing rules.

can you post a dld? I agree with @GimSolver, @eiqcrmeliutgwhc

you can simulate dld but that update still isn’t out yet

no, like a code on the wix. I have beat it once today.

it’s 9:34 pm in my area so not today and back on topic…

Ok, I guess. Randomization is part of the whole thing, though.

What text


The cherries.

Wow. Who would’ve thought making a slot machine would be so easy? Well, I have a question for you. If you can use this for money, would the same principle also apply to, let us say a slot machine that deals out different types and rarities of weapons?

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Essentially, what I am thinking of is the mystery box from Cod: Zombies.

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idk if cheesebox is online rn but ig so… just modify it a little