How to create a Witch Path from Roblox

Alright, you saw the title. This is commonly used in Roblox obbys, and just why not?
Lets start by creating a simple RGB placement using terrain… Honestly…

  1. Create a sign if you want and create your code. I am using GRBG. Only use RGB, not numbers or any other letters

  2. Create 4 holes in a line.

  3. Put some walls in the holes like this:

  4. Add some plastic:

  5. Use your code like this: Put one trigger on wrong color, on my code, it goes like G = green R = red B = blue G = green, GRBG. These colors are the right ones. So open your one trigger and do this:

  6. Copy this… A LOT

  7. Place a Respawner device.

  8. Put your channel inside.

  9. You’re done!!

Hope you liked it! Any comments are accepted.


Wouldnt this be in Community Made Guides if its explaining how to do something instead of Help ?


Done, thanks. I thought it wasn’t that. I didn’t see it.


Great guide! I took the ideas tag off because those are usually used in help posts.


Bro This is great!!!


Thanks! Glad to help!

Can you make the title more concise? It’s kind of confusing.


Sure, mysz. Sure thing.

amazing love this perfect topic!

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Your welcome, XD. By the way, it’s just an idea, nothing more

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