How to create a tower defense

How do you create a tower defense?

whats tower defense?

Think of BTD6 or something. A game where you place down towers that fight against enemies that are trying to make it to somewhere.

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Maybe make buyable sentries or monkeys and have upgrades for the people or ballons.

I’m going to try to build this. I’ll be back.

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so make a sentry that is hidden by a barrier big enough to cover it completely. Make it on team sentry, when knocked out transmit on sentry#off, # being the number for the sentry, so that you can have multiple sentries going on and off. Then make an identical sentry but change the channel to sentry2off. make a system like this:
Repeat: every 1 second repeats, stops on gamestop, starts on roundstart (i’m assuming you have a channel for this, if not, it’s just when a round starts.)
Wires: from repeater to wire repeater, from wire repeater to repeater (deactivate)
then from wire repeater to barrier one and sentry deactivating them, and wires to barrier 2 and sentry activating them.
for each new sentry and barrier, add a repeater wired to the previous wire repeater, activating it on
wire pulse. then make the system again, exept with barrier 2 as your barrier 1 and barrier 3 as your barrier 2. it should look like this:
make sure that barrier 1 activates on roundstart, and the other barriers are not active on game start. same with the sentries. the button i have just starts my round.
make sure the repeaters dont run task on game start, and make sure the player is somewhere where the sentry ballons cant see them, otherwise they could try to fire at the player.
for towers make it so a sentry activates when a vending machine’s item is bought, and give it lots of health if you want it not to be knocked out by the baloon sentries. you should make the balloon sentries very bad so that they don’t do much damage. alternatiely you can put them in a zone where gadgets can’t be fired. good luck!

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another thing I missed: You have to make it so the sentries will die from one shot, because they will never die if you make it more. The way around this is to make the rounds become faster and faster, (I suggest starting at 3-5 seconds between each sentry and respective barrier switch) and make upgrades for damage and firing speed. You could also make a hard mode where the balloons fire back. also you can use this to make the sentries move.


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