How to create a infinite block that breaks and regenerates?

i want a way for a player to mine a block and they get the block, but the block regenerates so they can mine it infinitely. how?

I don’t think this is possible at the moment. But then again I’m no master gimkitter or anything…

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Maybe you could make a sentry that respawns??? You could make an unbreakable block with a hidden sentry inside, that will drop whatever block you want when it is knocked out. Haven’t tested tho.

This would almost work but the sentry would def be visible. Unless that’s valid for your game.

yea… don’t think there is a better option right now tho. I guess you could use camera views in a weird way to stop the play being able to see it.

But I gotta go to bed rn so see u in the morning


u could use a prop?
like a bunch of the stone walls
and make them smaller
then one of them can take dmg. and when that breaks. it respawns or smth.
when the break the wall
they get granted that block and the cycle restarts

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Yeah there is no way to do this. There is not currently a way to move / create blocks during a game. You could put an invincible block over a respawning sentry though.

If this hasn’t been done already, I can put this idea in the suggestion site.
something to the essence of "regenerating blocks (that can drop at the same time)


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This would be a GREAT question for @Magenta_Dragon.
He in my world built me this WHOLE cool thing where you chop down trees and it gives you shards.
He would be good at helping!

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