How to create a good custom enemy [WIP]

You may have seen games that have good custom enemies… if you are lucky.
Most people when creating a map just you one of the three default enemies. (Robot, or the two plants)

How and why should you make custom enemies?

However since there are only three enemies to choose from many maps start to look a bit boring since you have seen the same enemies on 20 different maps. To combat this you can add props onto of your sentry to make it look interesting.

For this examples I will use the warriors from my FORERUNNER series:
What I used where metal signs and I changed the size and color to create the appearance of the sentries having armor.
Screenshot 2023-12-05 140410
(This is my enemy design do not use it)
Each color and shape of the warrior’s armor signifies a rank.

Use your custom enemy in your background

You can also create a more detailed look for your sentries in your thumbnail so that observant players can make the connection between your thumbnail and the enemies in your game.

The enemy in the background is the same enemy in the game!

What do you do when the enemies get knocked out?

  • Make sure in the knock out section of your enemy you make it so it broadcasts a message when knock out.
  • After that make sure your enemy’s armor is hidden when it receives that message.
  • Each enemy must have a different message associated with that enemy.

If you have any questions or suggestions to what I should add to this topic please let me know.


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This already exists.


All of those just talk about slapping barriers onto sentries.
This topic talks about adding props and it also those topics never talk about using the thumbnail to add to your game.
(I am also going to add a section about giving you sentries lore soon… when I have the time)


maybe add the wip?


Thanks I’ll add that.