How to create a glitch effect on your art among others! (0/10) WIP

So, I have found a couple cool effects for your art for any occasion! I will be showcasing some of my custom characters (in my sandbox never to be published)! These effects can give a mood, level up your art, and add a unique flair to your map. Let’s get started with 5 WAYS! More will come soon but I have other things as well. Going for 10 at the end.

Glitch Effect

A very simple effect that I love very much.
Say hello to Glitched Barry! To make this effect, use Text devices, and color them pure red or pure blue. Then put dashes or underscores to make an effect that gives it a minor glitch aura. This is one of the simpler ones, so lets move on! NOTE: You can replace the text with barriers set to a lower opacity.

Dusty Effect

The Outlaw will help me with this. Here is a photo of the finished effect:

This is perfect for old things, like attics or ancient bosses. The only thing you need for this is the dirt prop of your choice, and set its opacity to 0.2. That will add the transparent aura of dust.

Grayscale Effect

I AM OVERLORDER! Those who get that reference get it. So, this adds either a film noir effect to your character, or a gray and sad effect. If you watch the Owl House season 2 episode 16 (I think?), make sure it is Luz and Hunter in Belos’ mind. Look at Belos, not the child, but the one with eyes later on. It makes everything around it gray. That’s what I attempted to achieve with this.

This makes everything around it look gray with it. Thanks, Living Armor. Make sure there is no collision enabled on the barrier.

Laser Show Effect

This is more technical. Watch We’re So Back from Splatoon 3. That laser effect at the beginning is what I’m going for here.
Now if you want to add a blinking effect, you’ll want a trigger loop. I’ll include that in a different guide. Make green and pink barriers and alternate. Make them somewhat face the middle.

Moving/Action Effect (no animation)

It is just adding lines to the character or things around it. I used text again. A single dash: “-”. Let’s just pretend this is an evil gumball machine sending evil shadow gumballs that follow you. Some of the hardest things about effects in art is trying to find a reason for everything. People will notice the details, and that extra lore makes it all the better. This is very similar to the glitch effect.

Criticism is taken and appreciated! Please and thank you! One more guide for the end of the school year!


Interesting guide. Maybe the glitch effect should be in front of Barry?

actual randomized lasers activating and deactivating make much a much better laser show just saying

I just didn’t do that. I’ll replace the screenshot with that.

The lasers would be too thin and not the effect I was going for. It is a good idea but not what I’m thinking.

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sure :smiley:

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am I the only one who sees the laser barriers jiggle when I scroll…

Nope, I see it too, lol.

Thanks for catching that! Me not checking, imagine… more effects dropping today!

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Whoa nicely done.
The grayscale one is sick

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