How to create a foxian lag machine! credits to shdwy

so the lag machine we are creating today is VERY laggy due to its high speeds and it includes one of my experiments that failed due to the extreme lag it caused and made my gim move in ways i didnt press so first create a circle of poles like this and make them each go on a channel like shows on pole 1 and disappears on pole 2 and so on and so forth until creating a raw circle prepared for animation then use a button and (x) triggers depending on how much channels you have made for the animation and add an extra one transmitting on restart pole that will restart the animation set the triggers all to a delay of 0.0015 the lowest delay and wire them all to eachother in order of the animation sequence and wire a button to the first one (NOT a life cycle otherwise it will blow up ur game b4 you can see it but you can anyways) finished product should look like this

this almost blew up my laptop so use with caution! anyways have a good day meow! :3


Nice guide!

Nice guide! This may be good or bad, depends on the moment.

nice guide :+1:
:boom: :desktop_computer:

Nice guide!

The poles make me cringe because its not all perfect lol. Also you can blur the spoiler back by clicking just above the text.


I feel you

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it was my attempt at creating animation with fewer frames so it was an accident finding it to be extremely laggy first time testing it with more poles

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I am not saying its wrong, but not many people besides us wish to have lag, so i think its funny that there is a way to just straight up make lag.


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Great job!

wait @Blackfox45666 how much memory did this guide take up?

not a lot if i remember probs like 3-5 percent memory i´ll have to check @margimkitcreator

there be no way it was at 3-5 memory and the device almost destroyed your computer there just no way.

it was the high speeds not the memory as the triggers were at 0.0015 delay and the animation had more poles than a regular t shape causing the system to struggle to keep up with the speeds i think

oh and it made your game crash now i thought about it it should be in the Bugs or maybe it should be in the new tags called not-a-bug ? wait nvm we still discussing about the new tag so nvm it shouldn’t be in the new tag until further confirmation by the community that the tags is good to keep or not. back on topic

This is a guide, and lag does crash things.

it did not cause the game to crash but just lag extremely my laptop could barely handle it if it made the game crash then maybe it could be a game crasher guide?

is there really a tag for

no but could be anyways lets not get off-topic

it is not needed, the tag.