How to create a flower!

first you arrange and size wooden signs accordingly (shade them anyway you want to) like this
Screenshot 2023-10-16 7.59.14 AM
then to create the bud you grab a yellow circle barrier with no outline and place it in the middle like this
Screenshot 2023-10-16 8.03.11 AM
(layer them however depending on the style you want)
then for layering and more petals grab or copy the signs and turn them outward like this (shade the extra petals however you like and layer them however you want) like this
Screenshot 2023-10-16 8.06.44 AM
and then for an extra touch im gonna add tiny basketballs at the points (optional) like this
Screenshot 2023-10-16 8.10.09 AM
and again these may change depending on what kind of style flower you are going for and you can add extra petals/wooden signs so please show me what kinda of flower you can make with this guide meow! :3 (this guide feels kinda off but i hope yall enjoy it anyways)



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Even though there’s already a flower prop, nice guide! This looks really cool! (maybe add the stem?)

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Yeah this is just a more detailed flower, that could add more variety to maps

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I can see if i can revise it for her. With a stem and more semetrical and even shaped.

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Looks really good!

I would click like, but i hit my limit for today. :pensive:

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thanks Wolf and WhereIsMyHat and i was currently being lazy at the time of making of this guide so yeah… its not exactly perfect

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Hey @Blackfox45666 could you make a lily off of this flower base?

sure bud

I shrunk white tables and tinted them to make flowers.

Nice job!

ooh what a pretty flower!