How to cops and robbers by some who doesn't know what there doing

1 make 2 teams
2 make teams random
3 make a button in the middle of the map
4 first one to get to the button is the cop (with team switcher) every one else is robber
5 every one is teleported to a place (with a zone and teleporter)
6 use tag zone to make tagged people cop
7 you should have a cops and robbers game

its always nice to see a new user’s first post being a guide.
however, keep in mind that pictures are powerful!
remember to credit the person who made the original guide too,


Welcome to the forums @helpmeplz! This is a bit more like tag, and other players can become cops by pressing it, even when another player is already a cop.


Welcome to the forums @helpmeplz
remember to read the
And like @speedy_kd4 pictures would help this guide


@helpmeplz Good idea! But please include pictures.

k i will try to do that

but i made it :frowning: so do i have to

This is way too short… but welcome to the forum, @helpmeplz!