How to code a button?

How do you get to the code of a button? I’m marking a moving door, but I can’t get to the code of the button.


Could you send a screenshot?

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What are you trying to accomplish? Make the button not visible in game and go to the channels option and make it transmit on a channel when pressed

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To get to the code.

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What code???

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You don’t always need code, channels are a easy way to connect actions

The code for the button.
@The_7th_Dragon you gave me this link btw.

I’m not sure why you would need the code

I’m just trying to follow the instructions @The_7th_Dragon gave me. I’m trying to make a moving door, do you know a better way then? (Not trying to be rude!)

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I gave you two guides, maybe try the other one?

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