How to close your post. (2 Minute Guide)

Hi, Argo Here (God I need a new intro line)

Want to close your post because people are off-topic talking about it? Well, you came to the right place! Mods aren’t always online and asking to close posts through a flag could count towards your total flags. Here I will be showing 2 methods.

Method 1: Deleting

If your post is less than 10 minutes old, you can delete the topic to close the post. This isn’t a reliable method because if your post is older than 10 minutes, then you can’t close your post. Which leads me to my next method.

Method 2: The “Switcharoo”

This only works with CMGs. You can change your post from a CMG to either Devices Bugs or Help, then click on one reply to be the solution. and then switching it back to # community-made guides. That way the solution would stay and after 3 hours after the last reply, @system will lock it.
All right, that’s it! Do check if the @moderators are offline before doing this else it’s just useless and you could have just asked for them to lock it for you ._.
Thanks for taking the time to read this guide!



Wow, very smart stuff!

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i deleted a topic yesterday
and right after i deleted that topic
i found this guide


You should add a third option explaining that you can ask the mods instead of putting that information in the second option (for better organization).

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you don’t need to bump frequently

I bumped in a 3h gap

Bro how many times do I need to bump this post???

Please don’t spam bump, this causes clutter.

Ok that was a 19h gap between bumps so I don’t understand how???

You should try waiting around a month before bumping the post.

A month is a bit long. Try a week or two.

Reusable bump, as this guide for closing posts is getting closed.


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