How to clone wires?

Basically, I’ve made this door that you can open if you have a keycard. However, when I select all of the objects, it doesn’t seem to clone the wires holding it all together. I REALLY don’t want to deal with reconecting the wires every time I need a new door, but I can’t find any other way to clone the wires… HELP!!!

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maybe you could use channels somehow, because the channels settings would be cloned when you cloned the devices.

The issue with using channels is that if I used the same channel for every door, all the doors would open when the player opens one door. So I’d have to make different channels for each individual door, and that would get messy pretty quickly.

Of course, I could be completely wrong with this; I haven’t tried using channels yet.

yes, you would have to put each one on different channels.

In that case it’d be more worth it to just… reconnect the wires? Would there be any way to just clone the wires themselves along with the machine or is that just not possible? (If it isn’t, that’d be a pretty nice feature for the next version of GKC)

a way to make it easier is to press z but cloning wires is impossible :\

possibly because the devs might think it’s inconvenient to have to change something every time you copy something for another use (hel-lo, that’s practically that copy+pasting IS). also maybe due to [copying] wires being much different than copying+pasting a prop or device and would require a different system which is inconvenient to make to say the least

Unless you use channels in your design, you have to restart your wires when you copy.

There is currently no way to copy wires. You could suggest that here:

@CCA , welcome to the forums! i dont think you can clone wires but a simpler way with less wires could be invisible vending machine that costs a keycard and when you spend the keycard, it deactivates the barrier. then you can clone the barrier and vending machine and you only need one wire!

That could work actually! I’d have to use a giver to give the player their item back, and some sort of channel to close the door, but it definitely would be a good way to restructure this!

im sorry to inform that i dont think the wires duplicate

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