How to change zoom in game

How do you zoom out in game. so the host can see more than the default. not talking about camera view.

You can’t change the camera view in a game. it only works when editing.

You’d have to use gimhook. Currently, there’s no way to do that.

In the game or when your building?

Can’t you use the camera view machine to zoom out?

but i want it so when the HOST is in the area it zooms out for THEM

you can’t sorry

it didn’t hide it lol

pls mark a solution since there is no solutions to close up this topic…

sure there is no way?

I am doing this for security cams


There may be a method, although it is currently unknown, to allow us to modify the camera view that we just don’t know about?

Practically no way to do this without mods, sorry :(

is there a way to make somebody invisible?

umm noo but you could add props for players to hide behind… and pls mark a soltuion

i know. ug. this messes up my idea

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