How to Change the Color of Grass (Difficulty: ⬜ or 0/10)


This is going to be a very short guide detailing how to do something like this:

for if you want to say, make the grass darker green, blue, yellow, etc.

There is another very mini-:pinching_hand: guide hidden here.

Guide (very short)

Step 1

Get out a barrier device and configure it to whatever color you want. In my example, it’s blue. Then, make the alpha 0.30 (for darker colors, like black, use 0.60 to 0.70). Make sure it doesn’t have a border or collision!


Screenshot 2024-01-07 8.52.35 PM
Screenshot 2024-01-07 8.52.58 PM
Screenshot 2024-01-07 9.14.01 PM

Step 2

Layer the barrier to the very bottom. It should be on the “bottom” layer when placed, but, to get it to the VERY BOTTOM you may need to press the “▼” symbol a little.

If you don't know how to layer

How to do it

Press the Screenshot_2024-01-07_8.57.44_PM-removebg-preview button in the top right corner.
There are a few buttons on each item: the “▲” moves an object up a layer, the “▼” moves an object down a layer, and the “⋮,” if hovered over or clicked, opens a menu with three options; “Move to Above Layer”, “Move to Primary Layer”, and “Move to Below Layer.”

The Above Layer

This layer is above the player at all times.

The Primary Layer

This layer is above or below the player, depending on their position.

The Below Layer

This layer is always shown below the player.

How it Works

If a prop, device, or player is above another, it covers the other and vice versa.


Thanks for reading my mini guide, I hope this helps with your map design!

Some Examples of Colored Grass

Screenshot 2024-01-08 7.02.24 AMScreenshot 2024-01-08 7.00.35 AMScreenshot 2024-01-08 7.00.23 AMScreenshot 2024-01-08 7.00.01 AMScreenshot 2024-01-08 6.59.49 AMScreenshot 2024-01-08 7.00.12 AMScreenshot 2024-01-08 7.04.35 AMScreenshot 2024-01-08 7.05.27 AM


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Nice guide! This is useful! You should add some examples of colored grass at the end.


WOW, nice guide. It looks organized and neat, which helps people want to read it more!


Don’t say that.
Nice guide tho @gimkit_h4ck3r! Very neat!

Why? It’s a nice guide, and she’s just saying that.


What’s wrong with it?

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It’s an acronym.

there’s like a million acronyms for WOW


This is getting off topic, but to settle this dispute, most people put periods in between the letters in an acronym, for instance NASA, which is the company’s name would be spelt as N.A.S.A.


Nice guide! This is very useful, for a lot of maps, I will definitely use this.

@GimSolver “Acronym”? (World Organization of Wolves)?

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Anyway, the blue grass looks soothing for some reason.


Added examples.

this is a really cool guide! you could use the pink grass for grass under a cherry blossom tree.

Great idea!

You could use this on everything, I use this on props and on water to make it seem, like a extraterestrial planets water or just straight up lava.


How do you do the boxes? I forget… :slight_smile:


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Sorry, I didn’t see that guide. I’ll try to look a little harder next time.