How to change dialogue based on inputs 4/10

So, second post. Any suggestions are welcomed in the comments.

You need
A pop up. That’s it!

This uses blocks. It is simple. And I will eventually add photos. Until then, I will try my best to explain.

Step 1. On the Pop Up, make the dialogue using the Heading and Smaller text. Banner is preferred for dialogue.
Step 2. Create the input. The call to action is the input. Create 2 and make the channels “lemon” and “lime.”
Step 3. Go to the blocks menu. Create two block areas. One for the lemon and one for the lime. For both, go to “For This Device” and put one of each of the types of blocks. Then, go to text and put a “ “ at the end of each. Put in the text for the dialogue you want.
Step 4. Try it out! With this, endless possibilities enter the stage.

Tell me how this guide worked! Thanks!

Please tell me about my post. Thx!

Add images, I guess.

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Question: If it’s as simple as something like this, why have it be 4/10? It should be 1/10, EZZZZZz

Requires coding. Beginners may struggle with this. You should check out a guide to blocks. Also, it does not change the Call to Action.