How to call out player by name?

How to call out player by name? like in a notification like "----- has found a shovel

Use block code. Someone else like @getrithekd knows more about this than I do though

I think it is like when they find the shovel it will update a property that could be anything to 1 then in the block code it says if “property name” = 1 then broadcast channel “shovel” it doesn’t have to be shovel and then shovel leads to popup that could just be a notification. I can add pics in later if you need it

Go to the notification blocks and go to the “For this device” category/gate and drag the Send Notification block onto the block board. Now add a Triggering Player’s name block (it’s in the essentials gate) onto the Send Notification block’s title and add a blank textbox block onto the content/body of the notification block. Type in the blank textbox “ Has found a shovel”
Here is an example of how it should look like in-game:

海阿斯 found a shovel

(Make sure there is a space before “Has” to work correctly)

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