How to break the camera


So, basically, I was playing around with the bug found in this post:

and I came across another possibly game changing bug. This bug is… spectating while still alive! What this bug does is it locks your camera to a different player while you are still alive! Another cool thing about it: IT PERSISTS IN EDIT MODE. This came across as very interesting to me and I had to make a guide on it!

Also, I'm Confused...
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How I did it

Devices You'll Need to Replicate It
  • 2 Team Switchers
  • 1 Trigger
  • 1 Wire Repeater
  • 1 Checkpoint
Step 1

Place down all 5 devices in a layout similar to this:


All of them only have one option I think you can figure it out. However, the directions of said wires are shown below:

(Trigger) --> (Bottom Team Switcher)
(Trigger) --> (Wire Repeater)
(Wire Repeater) --> (Checkpoint)
(Checkpoint) --> (Top Team Switcher)

Step 2


IMPORTANT: Only change the settings shown. If no settings are shown, assume that it is the basic settings that the device is set to when placed down.

Bottom Team Switcher

Screenshot 2023-12-27 11.11.25 PM

Wire Repeater

Screenshot 2023-12-27 11.12.28 PM

Step 3

Just step on the trigger in play mode with at least one other player, and have fun having your camera locked to that other player!

How to make it only activate once

This fixes the double try problem brought up in Haiasi’s post.

Extra Devices Needed
  • 1 Counter

Delete the wire between the trigger and the bottom team switcher and replace it with the counter.

Screenshot 2023-12-28 9.12.05 AM


(Trigger) Triggered --> Increment Counter (Counter)

(Counter) Target Value Reached --> Switch Player to Configured Team (Team Switcher)

Counter Settings

Screenshot 2023-12-28 9.15.15 AM
Screenshot 2023-12-28 9.15.31 AM

How to let all of the players break the camera

This fixes a problem I found that makes it so that the last player has to actually be in spectator mode and all other players get to spectate while alive.

Extra Devices Needed
  • 1 Team Switcher
  • 1 Trigger

Place down the trigger and team switcher near the checkpoint and wire them like this:

Screenshot 2023-12-28 9.32.03 AM


(Checkpoint) Checkpoint Activated --> Trigger (Trigger)

(Trigger) Triggered --> Switch Player to Configured Team (Team Switcher)

Team Switcher Settings

Screenshot 2023-12-28 9.37.04 AM

Trigger Settings

Screenshot 2023-12-28 9.38.04 AM
Screenshot 2023-12-28 9.38.16 AM

How to disable it in Edit Mode

Just actually switch to spectator then end the game.


This was a really fun thing to do and I really hope you guys (gals and non-binary pals) in the community can find out how to use this to make really fun games/mechanics. Have fun breaking things!



Oo yea I found a similar bug like that. I’m glad someone put it into good words! Nice guid- um bug thingy guide!


Alright, well, I’ma go to bed and check on this in the morning. Hope it helps!

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This is cool!

Also, if you step on the trigger and restore the map, (not closing or refreshing the tab) the “locked camera” effect is still there, both in editing mode (pre-game) and in- game

For another weird reason, (it happens for me, I don’t know if it happens for everyone) if you step on the trigger, the first time/try it locks the camera on a player and on the second time it switches you to spectator.
This can be fixed with counters and replicating the system.
(Without the Trigger)


Will definitely try this!

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@Haiasi I did mention the EM thing, and noticed the double try thing but didn’t think it was that important.

Also, I would love if you could give a little more detail to your solution to the double try thing.

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Length warning? @Haiasi, still writing after a few minutes.

ooh, cool mb didn’t see it
make the counter update a property and have it increment from the trigger in your topic
you can connect the trigger in your post to another (different) trigger to run this blockcode:

if Get Property “triggered#” > 1
do Broadcast Message On Channel “checkpointspawnpoint_switchteam”

(Make them set the checkpoint as your spawn point and make them broadcast on the top team switcher)
Now I’m not sure if this works, I forgot lol, maybe you guys can test it out, i gtg to bed.




Also, I wish you good dreams and long sleep.


my conclusion to these weird glitches/bugs is as so: if you make someone a spectator, they cannot trigger anything and are removed from leader boards and such. BUT if you have a mechanic that waits and does something to a spectating player (Not not something triggered by other players but something DIRECTLY involved with the EXACT machinery that made the player a spectator in the first place) Gimkit will bug out. But it could be used in the game for something useful. If anyone finds out how to fix the bug IN GAME it could be activated/deactivated and then creators could have a use for it in their games.

(edit) the logic behind this glitch is that when a player is made spctr they do not have a location, but they can look at another player’s one. but if you make the player respawn, you suddenly have a location again. My guess for what happens next is that the game has not been coded to account for this type of game mechanic, meaning that the player’s view and their location are different, and there is no code to pull them back together, meaning that, this is technically a bug. But one we can use.

This would be monumental if we make sure that it isn’t mixed up with testing effects. So basically, there was a bug that when you started the game, even in edit mode, and you were not on the tab, then you would be “spectating” someone.

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You might be able to use a teleporter to fix the part in the edit if your theory is right.

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Probably not, because the view and location are not fixed points. bringing them together won’t fix it, because when they move, the two points will move in different directions again. There is no code to drag them together.

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I’ve been playing with teleporters, respawns, triggers, and team switchers but the only solution I’ve found only works in edit mode.

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Comment: For some reason, the game host can’t go first.

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This also happens when you j0in a game, but the game’s already started and you’re a spectator so you go to a different tab, but then when you reopen the tab after a few minutes and the game has ended and started already, you are still spectating that person, but you can move around.

bump! I love breaking cameras.

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Do you people just go looking for ways to break Gimkit?? These things are so hard to find. And no I have not tried. (Yet)

is this a guide or a bug report?

I think it’s a guide but it’s a guide that’s a bug