How to become Member?

How do you become a member I been over for weeks now?

hey white god you have only been here for 11 days you need to be here for 15

just be active, read posts, make posts, get likes, give like, etc.

I don’t have the full requirements up and ready but you need to be here for at least 15 days like @Lostsea3 said

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Yes so that means 4 more days?


and you have to be pretty active.

There’s other requirements but they’re a whole lot easier if you’re active enough.

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This is off-topic, please close your post.

I’m active literally everyday (lol)

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yes. everyone who is civil and nice belongs here.


Ok thank you I’ve done it.

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Members keep coming back to your community over a series of weeks; they have not only read, but actively participated long and consistently enough to be trusted with full citizenship.

Get to trust level 2 by…

  • Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
  • Casting at least 1 like
  • Receiving at least 1 like
  • Replying to at least 3 different topics
  • Entering at least 20 topics
  • Reading at least 100 posts
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

Users at trust level 2 can…

  • Use the “Invite others to this topic” button for one-click onboarding of new users to participate in topics
  • Invite outside users to PMs making a group PM
  • Daily like, edit, and flag limits increased by 1.5×
  • Ignore other users
  • Edit their own posts for up to 30 days after posting

Admins can change these thresholds by searching for tl2 in site settings.


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