How to avoid the vending machine bug [1/10 or 🟩]

So I saw this bugs topic:

and it seems like it’s happening to everyone and even in gimkit’s built-in game modes. It’s where the vending machine looks weird and glitches out.
So this will hopefully fix it a bit by using a button instead of a vending machine. Until the issue is fixed, I guess you could use this:
grab a marble sign prop

tint it gray

grab a barrier and layer it above the prop.

Resize it so it fits.

Also change the color, alpha, and borders to match your style. You can also add extra designs onto the barrier.
Now grab two item images

Resize them and arrange them like:

Then grab a text device and change the font and stroke to match your needs.

Now grab a button, make it transmit on channel “Purchase”

Finally, grab a vending machine that isn’t visible in game.

Then grab a notification.

And you’re done! Hopefully this serves as a work-around for the vending machine glitches. You should use this if you’re really worried about the vending machine bug, but don’t otherwise because the vending machine systems (funding, etc) are hard to code into the pseudo-vending machine. Gimkit should fix this soon though, so this guide might not be useful then.

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Nice guide! I never would’ve thought to do something like that! I’m always so impressed with how clever people on this forum are. Really great job!

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you could’ve posted this in his topic as a reply, cuz it is kinda specific and not that general

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Could you also have just made the vending machine invisible instead of using a button, or does that turn off interactions?

yes he could have just used a vending machine, interaction is still on when invisible


For me though when the vending machine is invisible I get a ton of bugs. . .
That might be just my school computer lol