How To Animate An Eclipse! (In Honor Of April 2024)

First and foremost, hope everybody knows about and was able to experience the April 8th total solar eclipse.
This is a guide on how to recreate it in Gimkit.
(@InfiScript also made one I think, but it got flagged…)
Make sure to do everything IN ORDER, because of AUO.
I don’t have anything else to drone on and on about, so let’s get started!


Barrier (circle) x 5
Button x1
Trigger x3 *all of them must not be able to be triggered by players stepping on them. They must also all be invisible in-game.
Wire Repeater x1

Part 1: Looks

Part 1A
Make one barrier larger than the others, and color it yellow. This will be your sun.
Make the other ones:
Light Gray
Darker Gray x2
They must not be activated at the beginning of the game.

Part 1B
Arrange them all like this:

Part 2: Animation

I didn’t actually use any guides about this for my animation, I just brute forced it. Whoever’s method it was, let me know so I can mention them here.

Part 2A
Place down a button. The only setting you have to change it the button message, which should be “Begin Eclipse”, “Start Eclipse” or anything like that. Then, wire it to a wire Repeater:

Part 2B
Now, wire that button to a Trigger with no settings changed:

Wire that trigger to the light Gray barrier:

Then, wire the Trigger to another Trigger (let’s call it Trigger2- this time it has a delay of 0.5-1 seconds.

Now, wire Trigger2 to the light gray barrier:

And wire Trigger2 to the dark gray next to it:

Finally, wire Trigger2 to the next trigger (Trigger3) (same settings and delay):

Trigger3 to the dark gray barrier:

Trigger3 to the black barrier:

Now Trigger3 to Trigger4 (same delay and settings):

Trigger4 to the black barrier:

Trigger4 to the last dark gray barrier:

There! Now this is what it should look like:

You can now add a background, clouds, land, and whatever you want. I hope this was a fun and easy guide for you!

Extra GK fanart

why do I wish there was an animation tag…


i would suggest you add a barrier deactivating to give the affect things are actually darkening (so this one doesn’t get flagged like the other one did)

like a 0.3-ish transparency barrier in the full coverage phase over everything else?

cool fanart!

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Great guide!

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I couldn’t see the eclipse, I live in utah :(
But great guide!


Aww that’s too bad…
thanks though :slight_smile:


Noice guide.
The animation looks sick




I think it would be nice to add the Space (moving) terrain behind it


yeah something like that


maybe add a black barrier over the map at totality?

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same, im in IL but the top of it

and my family wouldn’t go to the bottom to see it :frowning:

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yeah and make it transparent so its not pitch black

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I’ll add a ‘Community Suggestion’ part with this in it : )
thanks for the idea

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noice!!! too bad the next one is in 2042 iirc…

and i got to see 76% of the eclipse because south carolina


Great guide! I kind of abandoned my guide on this, and I think @California_Love did too, so thanks for making it ehe! Maybe add more barriers when the moon is retreating, and make some sort of glowing-sun thing. Here, I’ll show you in a sec. Also, when we were watching the eclipse, remember how we saw the moon going above the sun once it left? I mean, we weren’t at the path of totality, but it would still be cool to add.

:waxing_gibbous_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :waxing_crescent_moon: :new_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :waning_gibbous_moon:

This took me so long to do :sob:

Tenth like! :heart:


Evenin peeps awesome art [art guide rebels might flag again but who cares about them these days eh?] I touched grass D: anyways bye again

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The last solar eclipse before the recent eclipse was in August 2017.

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I said I was going to show you in a sec, I waited 10 hours… Anyways, here: