How to allow players to choose the teams they go to! [ Difficulty 🟩 or 2/10 ]

I figured this out a while ago, but I didn’t know if it would work, it is actually really simple.
So I wanted to play a game of snowbrawl with a few of my friends, but we wanted to be able to choose which team we were on. So I thought of this…

  1. Put down a life cycle and set it to On Game Start.

  2. Next you get a Relay and set it to all players

  3. Then get a Pop-up and put “Team 1” in the primary Call to action and “Team 2” in the secondary call to action. You can add a header if you want, it doesn’t affect the wiring.

  4. Then Add two team switchers, and set one to team 1 and the other to team 2

  5. Then Connect the devices with wires like so…

So I have found 2 bugs: If a player doesn’t press anything and just closes the pop-up, he stays on team 1, and also you must go to options, then map options, then go to teams and change it to: specific team amount, and select 2.

And to solve my bug, I figured that you can just add a THIRD team switcher and set it to: random team.

Then Connect it to the popup like so…

And then you would be done!!!


This is a nice guide, @chrysostom! I like how you included images.

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Thx, This is actually my first guide, so I was trying my best!!


Well you did very well.

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Nice First Guide, @chrysostom!
This is going to be useful for games where teams have different classes and abilities.

You can also make players be able to choose more teams by having a “Next Team” button which opens a popup for the next team.
This allows you to have a (technically) infinite amount of popup call-to-actions.
(That is, until you run out of memory or the popup limit :trol:)

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I tried it and it’s perfect!
Just next time remember to color code it so people know how hard it is. I would give it a :green_square: because you explained it so well!

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oh okay, can I edit the title tho?

yes, you just click on it and it will let you.

welp, I just did thx everyone, yall have been so nice and helpful

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You’re welcome but it’s your guide and I would have never come up with this on my own.

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Yeahit’s your choice, at the end of the title, make it say [ Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10 ].

Here’s a poll to get other people’s opinions.

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@Haiasi , 11/10 isn’t possible.

It actually is. There have been guides with it. It means the guide is VERY hard…

It doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, it means that it is very hard and tedious to replicate.
Take the only :black_large_square:/:skull: or 11/10 guide, @ClicClac’s ____Land Guide.

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It would be 10/10 because 11/10 isn’t POSSIBLE!

Nice guide, @chrysostom !
And, @GimSolver , 11/10 is possible… it just means something is really hard…. It’s possible in real life too… fractions dont have to equal 1. 11/10 is equal to 1.1

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BUMPED into my own guide


have you no shame! bumping your own guide… ugh


ehh, uhh, this guide hasn’t had activity since November
forget five days, its been 5 MONTHS

This is amazing. Love your work !


Welcome to the forums, @Riff !

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