How to add "wires" from item spawners, (and any other forms of items granted) 1/5 or 🟩

The only reason why I’m making this guide is for people who want to add “wires” to their item spawner to show an overlay or something like that, so let’s get into it

Step 1 Devices

The devices needed below are: Item spawner, Inventory Item Manager, Property, and whatever you’re adding wires to

Step 2 Device Settings

In the item spawner, set the item for whatever you want, in my example, I’ll be using a GimBerry

Next, the inventory item manager, set the item to the item you’re using, (mine will be GimBerry)

and now, in the properties tab, make it update on property, best to make the name of your property the item you’re using

Now, name the property to the property name you used in the manager, and make the property a number property, and make sure it’s player scoped, that is one of the most important parts of this guide

Step 3 Wires

The wires are really simple, and if you want, you could use channels, but, wire the property to the overlay, (or whatever you are using to popup when item collected) and when property changed ------> show overlay, and make sure it’s player scoped!

when setting the affects of the overlay button being pressed, make sure to add a wire repeater to
and back the overlay hiding the overlay, and best to have a 0.1 trigger delay.

Step 4 Optional Overlay Settings

when setting the settings in the overlay, you could have the overlay button give speed for 30 seconds, and remember, this is an example, so it doesn’t have to be exactly like this one. So, when adding the speed modifier, add an extra at the normal speed. This is because we will add a trigger delay of however long you want the speed to last, soooooooooooo

Step 1

Have an overlay wired to a speed modifier of how fast you wanna go

Step 2

have a wire repeater of a delay of how long you want the “power” to last

Step 3

after the wire repeater receives signal, set player to the configured speed of 1.00

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And that’s it for this guide, thank you for reading, and, this is my first guide, so, if i did annnyyyyyything wrong, please tell me


The difficulty ratings are wrong, it’s supposed to be from 0/10 to 11/10
Otherwise good guide so far.

thank you for that

Here’s the correct:

i think this is an easy guide, so it doesn’t need to be out of 10

Ok, not sure but a few tips:
I think this might have been posted before
Crop the screenshots so it doesn’t include the browser and stuff
What? You can’t add wires to item spawners?
Other than that, nice guide I guess.

thank youuu


that might take a wile, since i can’t crop screenshots already made

i knooowwww, that is so annoying

if you are on Mac like me, then just go to the screenshot, press “mark up”, select the regions you WANT, then press the symbol that pops us after you select stuff…

if you are on a different thing, I don’t think I can help you…

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This is not foolproof though, more of a… beta version. This is because the same item could be obtained from other events than just item spawners! Nice guide though!


thank you

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well, thank you for that, i will use that in the future, but it’s too late, i already did so

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that is very true

i think you’re right, but it did require blocks