How to add texture to your device barriers

Welcome to my first guide. To add texture get any type of floor. Then place the barrier on top of it. For example if you place a pitch black (0,0,0) barrier over moving space it could resemble a portal. If you want the barriers to be more transparent or solid you can always edit it.

This is a mini guide so please no complaining. (added 30 mins later)


Hi Again, Good Guide.

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  • Solid colors can be adjusted with a 1.0 transparency
  • This guide is gonna get flagged for being to short, I’d at some more

nice first guide, but remember that pictures are powerful!

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Im not sure how to do pictures, do I screen shot?

Thank you @GimGuy for telling me that. Im newer so I didn’t know about that guides have to be longer.

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Nice except a bit short

Im sorry. Do you know how to add pictures to make my guide longer?

The entire concept is already really short in the first place.

I figured out how to add pics

could use the mini-guide tag…

Oh thanks @chrysostom

I hope that will make people stop complaining.

Thank you @speedy_kd4 for reminding me about the pics

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