How to add text interactions to prop

so im looking to make a game that’s like make the peace between echo and vortex except for ctf and td. How can i put text on a prop so that it explains the history of the two, at least my interpretation of it

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Somewhere in devices there’s a textbox you can place text in.

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I know that, I’m looking to add an interaction to the device where if you interact with it, it has text

Place a button behind the prop, then use a wire/channel on the button and make it so it shows the text.
make sure you set the textbox to be hidden.

you get text then layer the text to very top and put prop at under player

You could do prop<button<popup and wire the button the the popup, then create call to action labels for whatever you want to happen when the player interacts with the prop.

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You could use a vending machine too.

Place down a text device, go to layers and move it above the prop

Like a pop up? Notification? The text AND prop appear?

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