How to add number to property?

How do you add 1 to a number property?

Go to the blocks area in a trigger, and set the property to property + 1. If you don’t know what blocks are, this might help you:

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It wont let me put the property in the logic _ + 1 though

Am I doing it correctly?
Screenshot 2023-06-02 10.53.04 AM

Using green blocks returns a text value - that’s fine for giving the name of a property because the name is made up of text, but if you try and use a green block in a mathematical evaluation it will result in an error. What the computer thinks you’re trying to do there is add 1 to ‘Stage’, and because that isn’t possible, the program won’t work properly… however, if you want to find the value of the property named Stage, you can use a Get Property block before the green one to let the program know that you want to use the property named Stage and not the word ‘Stage’. It’s kind of annoying, I know, but those are just the rules that computers use in order to understand what their human programmers are trying to say :]