How to add abilities blasters and other weapons

How do you add custom abilities to weapons.

Welcome to the forums, @AArdWolf412! To answer your question, custom abilities such as speed can be used with devices. For items, you can give the players these with item granters and spawners.

You can use a damage booster to increase a player’s damage, but you can’t do anything else unfortunately.

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@Unit_72 How do you do this?

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How can you check if a person has used a blaster or other weapon?

What do you mean by “used”? Are you trying to track when a gadget is fired?

You can make a system where you manually switch gadgets with a game overlay, and when the game overlay is pressed, it clears all previous effects and weapons then grants certain buffs and debuffs (and of course, the weapon).

@Coolcaden26 Yes, to activate a speed boost or other ability.

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It is possible, but that means that you can’t use infinite ammo, since the game needs to track when you lose the ammo.

Just give the shard back when you use it to mimic infinite ammo lol

yeah that works too lol :skull:

oh and if everyone is using the same weapon, overlays. you can make an overlay do something. I’ll post an example from one of my games here in a bit

you can like reskin them with a texture pack.


The star shield heals you a bunch and the portal gives you a quantum portal, but idk if you can tune it to a specific weapon. but thats an ability

Use the speed modifier device in the devices module. Not many custom abilities exist, but for now, I will tell you about speed.

The first on goes up to 4.00 and down to 0.00, and the second is just for channels.

you’re just in luck now. lifecycles can now detect when a player fires a gadget!