How to add a togglable No-Clip Feature for Admins

In case you’re not aware an admin/administrator is someone who controls the game and keeps it fair. Gimkit’s game host is an admin, but the only controls they have are ending the game, increasing time, kicking players, and changing teams. Not much, is it? So, lets make a NoClip Feature for Admins!

  • At least 2 props and/or barriers
  • Checker Device x1
  • Property Device x1
  • Trigger Device x2
  • Game Overlay x1

First, we must add some props and/or barriers to use! Use a small area and decorate it with props. You can also add any invisible barriers if you need to. Set the settings for props and barriers to this:

Note: If you want your barrier to be invisible in game, just change the Visible In-Game setting to “No.”

Next, copy your props or barriers, and place them directly on top of your first layer of props. Edit the second layer of props so the settings look like this:

Use your game overlay and change the settings to this:

Now, get your checker. The checker looks to see if you are using said feature. If you aren’t, the feature turns on. Otherwise, it disables the feature to turn on later. Put the settings to this:

Now add 2 triggers, and make a new block on each of them. Have one of the blocks do:

Set Property "NoClip"
Value "1"

Make sur the first trigger takes action when receving on channel "NoClip On. "Have the other trigger’s block do:

Set Property "NoClip"
Value "0"

The other trigger must trigger when getting a message from channel “NoClip Off.” Now add a new property, name it “NoClip Property,” set the property type to number, and set the update scope to player. There you have it! NoClip added!

How difficult was this? (Please no jokes…)
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This isn’t a wiki. You need to be tl3 to make those

Uhhh not to be a pain but this is already a setting you can toggle by default

I think they mean that for TL3’s editing the Title and Tags.

TL3’s can edit titles, add/remove tags, and change the post type

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He means during the game. Not in the pregame.

In editing lol
You can turn it on

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You can edit it out if you’d like, but it’s fine. And how would I manage to ban you? I’m not a mod lol

if the purpose of the blocks is to set the property to 1 and 0, why not just have a counter:
you can increment it and decrement it.

it should be named game host or host not admins.

immmediately thought this when i saw this :skull:
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should be an actual game tho

back on topic.