How to add a button that doesn't show anything

How to make a button that doesn’t show anything just for some testing, wanna experiment.

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What do you mean?
Please elaborate.
Just make it invisible?

Whaddaya mean? can you explain a little more

So I watched the emergency meeting guide and you have to hide the button for the emergency meeting to work, and I don’t like the table looking like that so I want a button that does nothing so there will be 2 buttons.

Just don’t wire the second button to anything?
I don’t know the real use though.

It looks weird there being no button on table: “even tho there is”

You want a button that… does nothing? Then just don’t add any wire or channels… Not sure what you mean. Are you saying you don’t want a button to say “interact” or don’t want it to be visible?
You could use a trigger instead, or Change visibility in settings

I know. Just put that button with a white barrier on top so not only that it doesn’t work but it has the glass

Just put the button’s layer on top then and make it visible

Ohhh i think i understand now. Just make the barrier invisible if you don’t want the glass…

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Does that help you? @OBUSSIN


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did’ya get your answer? if so mark a solution plz

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