How to activate devices from screen

Is there any way to do this?

wait, can you elaborate further? (sorry if i misunderstood, idk what you mean.)

No, like buttons on the screen, like the answer question buttons you see in official games, not the button device

A questioner device.

yes you use a game overlay for that
and like @Magenta_Dragon said a questioner

Im thinking of something that you can move and still press it.

I am not sure what you mean by “move”

Game Overlay and Questioner.

(Game Overlay) Button Pressed —> (Questioner) Open Questioner Answering Screen

I literally said that
and @Magenta_Dragon said it

moving around with the Arrow Keys

You mean move the questioner? That is impossiable.

i dont think thats possible

with a game overlay it doesn’t matter
you can have a button wherever you are

No, I think he meant being able to click the Game Overlay while moving.

Yeah just use an overlay.

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No the player moves while a GUI button exists.

A game overlay button. That is wired to a questioner opening it.

can you please elaborate further @WiggleDJim because we need more than “No the player moves while a GUI button exists.”

@ShinyRiolu A gui is a interface.
@WiggleDJim You can’t move while the questioner screen is open. Is that what you mean?

Like magenta and everyone else said just make a game overlay and make it a button and wire it to a questioner. They can already move while the GUI button is there

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