How to activate a dead sentry [Difficulty đźź© ]

What you will need;
Sentry x1
Wire repeater x1
Button x1

First, place your sentry and go to the settings. Set “Respawn Enabled” to “Yes” and “Respawn Duration” to “0”.

Now, place your wire repeater next to your sentry. Wire the sentry to the repeater
(“Sentry knocked out” → “Relay pulse…”).

Next, wire the wire repeater back to the sentry (“Pulse relayed…” → “Deactivate sentry”).

Lastly, place a button and wire it to your sentry. Do “Button pressed” → “Activate sentry”. It should look like this when done;


Congrats, you’re done! If you liked this please :heart: and if you have any questions or comments please reply below!



Nice guide @RandomKid, this should help newer users on how to make respawnable setries, and for people like me who don’t know much about devices.

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I feel like not a lot of people knew how to do this so…

Yeah, i get it.


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I have 61 unread and 4 new

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This is a little irregular…

Coming from a regular too.


So true…


Is there a setting for sentry respawns… I feel like there was.

There is.

Yes, but only at specific intervals, not whenever you like

Can you set the delay time?
Or is this more of a respawn on an event type thing?

It’s just delay time, but this guide explains an event-type activation


Yeah and it could be used to reactivate a sentry in a capture the flag map

I see…
I feel like we used to get that question a bit more.


Nice job, @RandomKid! I think it’s pretty clear what the difficulty is…