How to a: randomly assign people to a team (NOT ON GAME START, LATER IN THE GAME)

I also need to figure out how to switch every player to one team at once (NOT ON GAME START, LATER IN THE GAME

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do you plan on using a button channel wire or maybe something else to change the team

Relay (random player)—> switch team to the configured team (aka team switcher)

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if set it to all players will that set all players to one team?

idk thats why im asking


awesome thanks. Now i just need to figure out the random thing

is the randomness like very second or is it like when somebody dose something

For the randomness, maybe make a trigger that sets a property to a random value, and depending on the number it activates a trigger with a certain amount of delay (There are many triggers with different delays around that map) that then transfer the players to a team.

Relay that keeps repeating to a trigger then then goes to a trigger, wire it.

Relay is random, use wire repeaters to constantly keep repeating.

Use the relays to keep randomizing players, make it random. Everyone should start on team 1.

Use the trigger to use block code to do a inequality if they aren’t on team 1, then don’'t do anything. If they are, perform a randomizing action.

It might result in uneven teams, but you can then add a switch teams button, and if it’s all even, they can’t change. But if it’s like 4-5, they can. But if it’s like 4-6 and people on the team with 4 players, they can’t change. Maybe a system like that.

could u simplify it for me a bit (im tired)

i’m also tired…

you might have to ask someone else, im bad at simplifying stuff

So, you could take a trigger and make a new block. Then you can build the code below (By NoYouWillNotTakeMyNa), then connect it to team switchers, or you could just have it on the “random team” setting on a repeater repeating itself.

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