How should I do this?

I’m making a game where people choose their way in life, but I don’t know how to make it where if you choose a certain option, it takes you to a certain place. Any ideas on how to do this?

Is it with a button selection? Because you can wire the button to the teleporter.

Ohh! okay, but like, can I make it teleport where I want it to go?

How many life choices do you want?

Yes, just wire the button to the specific teleporter

The life choices might change in the span of time I am making the creative map

Devices needed:
Lifecycle x1
Popup x
Teleporter x

Make the lifecycle’s event game start. wire it to one of the popups so
Event occurs → open popup

Make the first call to action button on the first popup whatever life choice you want. Make the second called “Next option”

Wire the first popup to a teleporter like this:
First call to action button pressed → teleport player here

Then wire it to a second popup like this:
*Second call to action button pressed → show popup

Repeat the steps with popups 2 and 3, then 3 and 4, till you have all the ones you need. For your last popup, instead of the “Next option” button, make it “First Option” and wire it back to the first popup like this:

Second call to action button pressed → show popup

Just use a popup with two choices. And have it were when one is choosen, action happens, and vis-versa.

Or that.

oh wait this was the game of life? i thought it was just life in general

I mean I guess you could call it the game of life, but I named it “choose your way of living”

but are you making the board game life? or are you making an rpg or something where they choose their job?

They get to choose the way they want to grow up, the school they want to go to ( Like private or public school ), get to choose a college, and the career they want to do. ( Adding extra details to make life seem more liveable. )

As said before…