How much health?

I made a map but @Haiasi said that it was too hard so I’m wondering how much HP should I put for the starting health and shield.

whats in the map

Sentries and lasers. @Haiasi said it’s too hard for people on Mobile.

what are the settings and weapons

Is it a free-for-all?

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Weapons change depending on the level.

I would have health and shield both at 100 or both at 125 so it stays balanced.

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how large is level, is there regeneration or healing

No, it’s cooperative, but I didn’t help @Haiasi because I needed to see if there were bugs.

Just do 125 health 125 shield. Or something

Whenever you complete a level, you earn a fish that you can use to purchase med or shield.

are the levels large

The level is VERY LARGE, it’s my biggest creation and one death and you’re out.

That’s pretty much impossible. You can’t just ‘purchase’ health and shield. You can get med kits and shield cans, though.

Then do something like 150 health 150 shield

You can, I did that already, its through vending machines.

Probably 300 health and shield

You can get regen though.

vending machine - Health granter

Then probably 150 health and shield.