How make a badge thingy

So for my “Find The Markers” game that I’m making, I don’t really know how to make the player get a little badge thingy when they find one

I’ve been trying to search this but all I’m getting is people talking about the forum badges

Screenshot 2023-11-28 183039

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Use a notification! You could put “You found the ________ marker!” or something. If you’re using like a button or something that says, “Get Marker” , then you should wire the button to the notification like, “When Button Pressed, Send Notification.” If it is a zone, do the exact same thing except that the wiring is “PLayer enters zone, send notification.”

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You can make a waypoint to a prop, then add a button invisable infront of the prop, then wire it to the prop so when pressed prop despaws, then when the same button gets pressed, popup shows saying that you found a 'marker".Then make a hall where when each prop gets found a text box with a trophy emoji shows.

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