How long should making a capture the flag game take?

i have literally spent ages and ages and beyond ages and its no where near done. how are people making so many? how are they not bored out their minds???

Did you do it right? Try checking with this: How to make a Capture the Flag game

it just confuses me how people ahve the time and patience. i have started and left 2 diffferent ones already

im pretty sure i have thats the thing

I’ve never tried making a capture the flag game yet

how long does it usually take to make one tho 4 u?

Make a full game? I haven’t finished any yet.

well that doesnt help. whatever it ok

a full game can take a week to over a year

it depends on how many assets your game has

a year!!! @mysz you gotta be joking

well people are crazy

AND the game isnt specified

CTF should take a week or so but a quest game could take any amount of time because u could just continue adding side quests

people are crazy if they spend a year on the stupidd game

@mysz is right, if you have a really complicated game, it can take a reeeeeeeeeeeally long time, especially if you make a mistake at the beginning of the game that impacts it all (from experience).

uuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i give up on gimkit. why should i bother making a game? there are ready made ones for me. (this makes me sound lazy)

well… ctf games can take a week, sure, but they can also take a day or two only. it all depends on it. the design process can be as long as a piece of string.

i guess, but its not for me to sit by a computer all day

I’m making a CTF game, and I started two weeks ago, and I still haven’t finished it.(of course, I don’t have much time)