How large is one unit of memory?

How large is 1 memory?
Is it a byte? A Megabyte?
How much storage are our maps using?

I think you would have to ask the devs that…

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Don’t they read this forum?

How would I contact them? or the discord.

Yeah, how big IS the memory in gimkit?

I just emailed the staff. Let’s find out!


Btw, welcome to the forum!

memory is 100,000, no one knows how much a single unit of memory actually is tho

Memory is an ambiguous thing. It doesn’t perfectly match the memory the device uses, so there isn’t really an answer.

its probably around a byte tho

like from 1~100 bytes per unit probably

Much much more

I believe each device is a class in the code, which is most likely much more than a byte, or even a hundred. However, because JS isn’t very low level, it’s hard to tell.

1% memory is 1,000 memory

yeah but hes asking how much like bytes a memory is

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that sounds like a lot, because you can have 100k memory, so it would be like over 10 megabytes every maxed out map, and if you get the seasonal pass, thats like at least 200 megabytes if you max out the memory.

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