How is this possible?!

It’s common doing uncommon damage, like, what???
Also no one ask about the name and time
Edit: I forgot I had a damage boost

maybe the game glitched?

check again
and next time cut out the code it is not allowed in creative but I know you didn’t purposely add it

Oh it’s inactive

just reminding u!!!

don’t worry, its 12:50 here, and I thought that’s what happened. This happens to me ALL the time, maybe you’re just thinking it was something different?

the damager showed is “damage in a row” so is it possible you clicked really quickly and the even tho it was one block (needed 2 damage to break) it still showed 5 damage?

why u on at 12:50 !!!

I know I tapped once
Ok I’m out

cuz, I got finals tomorrow and idc.

try agian



then you wouldn’t be able to break the dirt…

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