How is this done bc im confused

How do i make it to where there are 4 people in the game one player gets selected to tag, but the other players still switch teams to be runners.
Im adding a tag part to my game.


You could use relays, I’ll come back with pictures.

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change taggers every minute
How to make team tagging intervals like in tag domination

I already looked at that, it only shows how to make it for one person not 4

You asked to switch one person to the tagging team, and the other people to the running team, correct?

try mine

Yes, but I already have them on different teams at the start of the game, the game is already published, it is called.
Cookie GimClicker.
I am trying to make a tag space, but it is difficult because the players j0in the tag area as different teams and then one switches to the tagger while the others are supposed to switch to runners, or i could just make all other teams runners…